There are more things in

Heaven and Earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.


--Wm. Shakespeare

Meet Jan Alm

Medium and pet psychic Janet Alm lives and works near West Lafayette in northcentral Indiana. She holds a Ph.D. in Recreation Resources Management (Natural Resources) as well as master's degrees in Folklore & Intercultural Studies and Library Science. She was introduced to her spiritual calling by her mother, who reached out to her from the Other Side. As Jan tells it...

My introduction to spirit work came in 2003 when I unexpectedly began receiving messages from my mother, who'd passed away four years earlier. Her earliest communications came in the form of symbols, moving pictures, and ideas, and when the flow of messages began, it arrived in a torrent. I couldn't sit still or lie down to sleep without her messages appearing on the screen of my mind. She literally kept me awake for several nights running. In a matter of days, Mom began encouraging me to receive messages from others' deceased loved ones as well, and my work as a medium began.


It wasn't long before I discovered an ability to communicate with animals. Animals, it turns out, are delightfully honest, and they're eager to let us know what's on their minds.


My psychic abilities are wonderful gifts, and it's a privilege to share them with others. It is not my goal to convince anyone of the reality of such spiritual gifts, but to share them with others as we all learn together about the unseen possibilities that enfold us.

Q:  What’s the most common message spirits send us?
A:  I love you -- and I’m still with you.

Messages from loved ones who’ve passed on are full of love and reassurances they are well and are still with us.

Animals are delightfully honest, and while you may have serious reasons for communicating with your pet, it can also be just plain fun.

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