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Psychic Medium

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Psychic Medium

Q:  What’s the most common message spirits send us?
A:  I love you -- and I’m still with you.


Messages from loved ones who’ve passed on are full of love and reassurances they are well and are still with us.


As a Medium, I receive some spirit messages in words, some in pictures, and some as feelings. It’s a lot like playing charades! There's a great deal of variation, so while Grandpa may hold a conversation with you, Uncle Joe may manage only a few images. I begin each reading by asking the spirit to send an identifier so we know who is speaking. During one reading, I saw the state of Virginia on a map. My client laughed and told me both her mother and sister were named Virginia. In another reading, the sender showed me a "movie" of the mine collapse in which he died.


While there's no guarantee the person you wish to connect with will come through in any given reading, if there's someone you’re hoping to contact, it's likely you’ll hear from them.



People say...


My daughter was so overwhelmed by the fact that Troy said to tell her he loved her. During his time on earth, she says he never once told her he loved her, and that was the last thing she said to him after he died: "You never ever told me you loved me!"  It was so heartwarming for her (and me) to hear that he wanted me to relate that to her, and I believe she truly needed that message.  

- Denise L.


Thank you so much for delivering messages of peace, love, and support to me from my Aunt Nancy and Dad. So much of your ability to truly capture their words blew me away! Honestly, it was exactly the messages I needed to hear, and for you and your gift I am ever grateful. 

- Jenny, Kalamazoo, MI


Thanks again for sharing your gift with me yesterday. I didn't know what to expect. Given the complexity of the relationship with my stepdad, the reading was complicated, too. My mom confirmed that he did love corn on the cob just the way he said he did, and he loved pie, especially apple pie with a crumble top just the way he said in our reading. There were other things, too, that I just wasn't fully aware of before we sat down together. 

- Jessica, West Lafayette, IN


Our experience conversing with our passed loved ones brought comfort, a bit of humor and overall contentment. Jan did not desire any background information or history. Everything that came across was extremely relevant and heartening. This opportunity was a gift to my 86-year-old mother and was shared with multiple family members. It was extraordinary to watch and incredibly heartwarming to experience. There was no doubt in our minds that this was definitely my dad’s spirit with which we were communicating. I have and will continue to recommend Jan. 

- Barbara H., Michigan


Hi Jan, Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoyed my reading yesterday. I tried to come expecting nothing so I wouldn't be disappointed, but was amazed at some of the details you gave me. I didn't even sleep well last night, I just couldn't shut my brain off! It was something I've wanted to do for a long time, and so glad our paths crossed and I got to meet you. 

- Penny, Monticello, IN


Through Jan I was able to talk to my grandfather, long since passed, as well as a dear, dear friend whom I recently lost. When Jan said that Tom and Charlene were here to speak with me, I nearly fell down. Honestly, I had never met Jan until that day, and she knew absolutely nothing about my history, family or friends, not even my last name! I can't tell you how awe-inspiring the experience was, and while I've always been a spiritual person, Jan made me a believer! 

- K. A., Lynn, Massachusetts


Dear Jan, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the time and care you spent to help me speak with my parents again! You are amazing, and your gift is amazing! I don't know if you realize all that you are providing. Speaking with my parents again was a life-altering event. 

- Maureen, New Orleans, Louisiana


I had been missing my mother for over 27 years (she died when I was 17), but I had been feeling the loss more keenly, feeling I needed her love and guidance more than ever at this mid-life stage. Jan gave me the greatest gift: she allowed me to speak with my mother whose love for me and faith in my strength has given me the courage to finish a book I started some years ago. Jan made possible a link to what I had thought was lost to me and what I believe is often a woman's greatest source of strength: her mother. 

- Dr. M. R., Truro, Massachusetts


Jan told me a man named George waited to speak to me. Was there anyone in my past by that name? Yes, a favorite uncle. George spoke to me through Jan--the language was unmistakably his. And the message was perfect. Thank you, Jan, and thank you, Uncle George. 

- Richard S., New York, New York


I was a bit of a skeptic about the whole thing initially, but it was so clearly my grandmother, and it was so wonderful to be able to talk with her again--uplifting, reassuring even. And basically she was saying to me exactly what she'd say if it had been in her kitchen on a Sunday afternoon! I can't stop telling people about the experience, it was so amazing. 

- Marie A., Everett, Massachusetts


When I met with Jan to use her skills as a medium, I had no idea what might happen and was intrigued by some stories she told of past experiences with other people. The spirit who elected to talk with us was my Aunt Viola, whom Jan described by name as well as with images of shape and color that made clear to me that this was, indeed, the person who was reaching out to us. My aunt sent messages about my house, cat, and life that let me know it was her. I was surprised to learn that she is paying that much attention to me, and I appreciate her messages of love and encouragement. 

- Flora S., Logan, Utah


Dear Jan, During my session with you, I was able to access information from relatives who'd passed on that was vital to my spiritual development. The effect has been not only very positive, but absolutely life-altering! I feel as though a huge stone has been lifted from my heart. At last I am able to move on spiritually--for which I am decidedly joyous! Gratefully, 

- Laura S., Ph.D., New York, New York

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