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Animal Communicator

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Animal Communicator

When I asked a golden retriever named Chance if there was anything he'd like to tell his human “mother,” he responded, "When she opens the refrigerator, I can help with that! I can show her what I like to eat!"

Sara, a young Siamese cat, informed me that her litter mate Joey is larger than she is, but she's the beautiful one.

When I asked my own dog, Jock, what he does all day while I'm at work, he replied, "I sleep on all the beds!"

Animals are delightfully honest, and while you may have serious topics to discuss, the conversation can also be just plain fun. You might wish to:

- Ask if there's anything they need
- Ask if there's anything they want to tell you
- Discuss a behavior problem
- Communicate with a pet who has passed on.

If your concern is a medical issue, however, please consult your veterinarian. While your pet may be able to tell you where it hurts, they probably won't be able to identify an illness or describe an injury.

When you communicate with your pet, remember that his or her perspective and priorities are not necessarily the same as your own, and their natural instincts might override your request for a change in their behavior. I have had success, however, with behavior changes in aggressive dogs, frightened horses, and biting cats. Hearing your point of view and wishing to please you may result in a change for the better.

Remember to ask if there's anything your pet needs and if there's anything they want to tell you. And always let them know how much they are loved. You don't need my help to do that.

People say...


Jan, Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place! All the best!  P.S.--Got to groom, flea comb, clean ears, trim nails, and inspect Kitty's teeth last night--WOOHOO! The bonding/trust has begun!


​​Hi, Jan! I was watching your neat videos on your site. Love it. Frida [dog] came and sat on my lap when she heard your voice! 

- Kathy C.


Dear Jan, It was so much fun to talk with you yesterday! We learned so much about [newly adopted dog] Ike--he's such a mystery but a real love. I really didn't expect [deceased] Pippa to come through, but I'm glad she did!

-Stacy, Anders, Jake, Kai, Ike (and Gunther, Greta, and Lefty Cats)

We are so thankful to have found Jan! It is amazing how much joy and comfort it has brought us to be able to communicate with our animal family. Spiritual communications as well as conversations with our living pets have made a lasting impact. Jan is professional and wonderful to work with. Her gift is amazing and her connection clear and spot on. I would recommend Jan a hundred times over. She has made such a difference in our lives and we are incredibly grateful. You will not be sorry you contacted her! 

- Katie and Chris Bush, Michigan


Dear Jan, We are writing to thank you for the opportunity to speak with you. We have had experiences with two other animal communicators, and our appointment with you was by far the best and most genuine. We enjoyed every minute of it, and it makes my heart smile to know that Roddy is still by my side. 

- Katie B.


Good morning Jan, I just wanted to say thank you for the reading the other night. I am still in shock over how vivid your details were that you were able to pull. All I wanted was to be able to talk with my [Great Dane] boy again, and you made that possible. Thank you!!!! 

- K.T., Lapeer, MI


Hi Jan, Gotta share this amazing accuracy with you. In my recent reading, my main wish was to hear from [Pug] Natalie Faye--whom I lost not long ago. At one point you told me, "Natalie says another pug is coming to you."


I have had three pugs, Jan: Olivia Jade, Junior, and Natalie Faye. I sought out all three and never--not once--has anyone anywhere asked me to take a pug or any animal. OK, the reading was January 12. Then an email came to me from the county shelter where I'd adopted Junior. The woman said they'd had a small black pug dropped there--adorable, she said--who was found running down the street in the bitterly-cold weather. No chip, no collar, nothing. She wondered if I would be willing to come and meet Pugsy. After losing Natalie, my heart seemed to scream at me NOT to go, but after prodding by several individuals, I went.


As I type this, Pugsy is sound asleep in the bed I originally bought for Junior--but which, of course, had been used by Natalie Faye, too. Your gift is amazing. 

- Russ B.


Dear Jan, We can't thank you enough for using your amazing gift to help our fur-family. We've already noticed a difference in their interactions with each other. We feel truly blessed by the opportunity to communicate with them, thanks to you. 

- Judy K., Boise, Idaho


I so enjoyed "talking" to my pets through Jan and seeing the world through their eyes. Each pet's personality came through. Even a favorite cat who had passed on stopped by for a visit and was able to tell me something about how he died. 

- Cindy Y., Chinle, Arizona


Jan had a lively conversation with Chance, our eight-year-old Golden Retriever. He told her he doesn't really like to fetch the paper, but he does like to wait for treats from the refrigerator. He complained that his blanket needed to be fluffed (washed). He tolerates Cate the Cat, but thinks she is dumb. Since this session my own telepathy with Chance has become more obvious. 

- Jeri M., Logan, Utah


Jan's help has been invaluable to me with my two young cats. I've gained insight into their behavior; likewise, they have learned through her about my concerns and the reasons for house rules (like not going out the front door). Our communication has been loving, fun, and a blessing to my home life. Thanks, Jan! 

- Eileen C., Providence, Utah


Through Jan's communication with my horses I was able to have a better understanding of why they were behaving the way they were. I was also able to become a better equestrian because of the information Jan gave me. She taught me to be a better listener for my horses. Jan has had nothing but a positive effect on not only my life, but my horses' and family's lives as well. 

- Natalie G., Providence, Utah

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